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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Info I wanted to share with you about this bookmark and all of the Precious piecing patterns . !st off they are all awesome. But most of you know that already.

They are the extreamly easy to piece together. The finished piece looks like it took you forever to make. Its our secret how quickly they work up.

 Next you can make them any size you want them to be. What this means to you is that when you buy a pattern  one size doesn't always fit all. Here, you are getting a terrific deal.Because one pattern can be sized to fit the project you have in mind  from really really tiny to really really large.

This bookmark is a good example of downsizing a pattern. The liitle brother is actually 1 1/4 inches small and the sheepdog is 1  5/8 inches small. Even small they pieced together quickly and kept thier detail.

I am posting 2 more photos for you to check out. Apoligies for the blurry one but I wanted you to see it up close FyI  the close up shows the boy and dog much larger than the actual pieces.  That's my pay it forward tip for the day. PIECE ON   DT Cindy

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