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Saturday, March 5, 2011


        I wanted to make a special gift for a friend..Instead of a gift bag or box., I decided to go way out of the box and recycle, redocorate and reuse.  What I came up with. was an empty  crushed pineapple can. I use one of those can openers that leaves a smooth clean edge when you open it. I opened the can from the bottom. After washing and letting the can dry completely I filled it with a jar of honey and  some of my friends favorite teas, and a few little  cookies.I tipped it upside down and reasealed the bottom of the can with hot glue .  Can you imagine what a surprize it will be when the pop top  on  gift can is pulled to reveal the hidden gift inside. Some ideas for fillers :Hard candies. An apple for the teacher. Homemade cookies, socks for friends with cold feet, a gift card, movies tickets, popcorn,  There are so many possibilitie. All you have to do is cover the can , pick your theme, and fill with fun. Try your hand at making one of these and  post what you came up with.The adorable bee on the can is    Precious Piecing  Pattern # 77 Bee Full..

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